Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 - Woops!

Wow, day 2 and I almost forgot.  What a way to start.  It's pretty late right now and I'm a little intoxicated, so this is gonna be shit, but here goes.

Started out at 8:30 like I do almost everyday, I hate waking up early, yet it is the only way I can be productive.  I feel as if when I start late, I always just wake up before my classes, and when I finish I do nothing, with early days I wake up early, complain, get home early, and actually DO work, or record.  Oh, ya, reason I haven't started Bioshock yet is cause yesterday and today I had tests and got home after 9 and had no time to do anything, but tomorrow I should have some time, so maybe videos Saturday.  Wow, that was a tangent.

Um, on topic, not much to say about classes, I think I had 2 lectures today, so that's nice, but not a lot to talk about.  Had a physics test a few hours ago though, think I did pretty well, could've studied harder, but I'm a lazy ass motherfucker.  That is a fact.

I also beat Uplink today, I guess.  Well, I completed the story missions, but you can still keep playing, or start again and compete the story for the other company.  I think that's the "evil" quest line, whereas I tend to go good my first play through of games, I guess I'm not a psychopath like that.  Well, except in GTA/Saints Row, in them I just murder the fuck outta people, but in most games I go good.

I also started watching a show called Californication a couple weeks ago, and just finished season one tonight.  It's a pretty good show, you should check it out.  It's about a writer who has a family but he doesn't really write, but he's a writer.  It's a comedy/drama I guess.

K, I'm not sober anymore, so I think I'm done here.  That looks like I filled enough space.  Good job, team!

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