Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday, February 5th, 2012 - Superbowl!

What's up guys?  Oh, you can't answer cause this isn't a conversation?  Oh, well I guess that makes sense.  In other news, today was Sunday, so I did what I do every Sunday: wake up late, go snowboarding, catch up on homework, eat pizza, watch football.  It was a good day.

Like I said, I went snowboarding today.  I live just outside Toronto, so there aren't really any mountains really close by.  There's a few bigger resorts a couple hours away (think the nearest is 2h, with some nicer ones ~3h), but for those you have to make a day trip, whereas I just like to go for a few hours, so I head up to this little hill ~20m from home.  It's not great if you wanna ride, but it has a decent terrain park, which I spent a few hours in today.  Finished the day off wit a good ol' face plant after a failed 360 as well, so that was lovely. 

Came home and finished up the rest of the homework I was supposed to do yesterday but procrastinated.  I was planning on doing a little bit of recording as well but ran out of time.  Promise I'll do some tomorrow, as I get home at 11am on Mondays (best day).  So, that'll mean there should be vids late Monday next.

Super Bowl is currently on, ~9m left in the 3rd.  I sometimes watch football seriously, but only really with friends that are also into football.  When I'm alone I tend to just play it in the background while I do other stuff (like this).  Current score is 17-9 for the Pats, which makes me sad cause I'm going for the Giants, even though they beat out the Packers (my favourite team).  Dammit, blogger is telling me I spelled favourite wrong.  SCREW YOU I'M CANADIAN I PUT U'S IN WORDS!  Anyway...

I guess I can say something about the half time show as well.  It was a disgrace against music.  Seriously.  LMFAO and Nicki Minaj should not be considered musical artists, they are talentless losers who get other people to write shit for them and pay them millions to be the face of terrible music.  My god, they should not have been allowed into the Super Bowl.  Oh! Giants scored! Still down 17-12 though...  Back to complaining about music though, well, I guess that's it.  I don't really know much about Madonna so I can't really complain about her too much.

HOLY FUCK.  I just saw a commercial for Wrath of the Titans.  That shit looks sick, I want to see that immediately.  Wow, I am horrible at keeping a focus.  Whatever, I think I'm about out of words to say, so, until next time, <I should make a catch phrase sometime>.

~Drew (devilwarier9)

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