Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday, April 7th, 2012 - Mass Effect 3!

Hey guys, so I know I'm writing this pretty early today, after yesterday I said I wanted to write these at a specific time, which I still haven't managed to get a single post out at. I'm terrible at schedules. Like I said yesterday, I spent the day with some of my friends from high school since they all came home from university this weekend. Went to lunch together and had an all around good time. We're planning on going to see a movie later tonight at my local drive-in, either Safe House + American Reunion, or Wrath of the Titans + 21 Jump St., not sure yet. I'll discuss my thoughts on that tomorrow, probably.

For those that don't care at all about me as a person, and just want my content, I posted the ME2 finale today (finally!) as well as started ME3, with episodes 1&2. I didn't manage to get any recording done today between my test, lunch, studying, and movies, but I plan on doing some tomorrow. Because of the mass Effect spam though, this means I have nothing to post tomorrow. Sorry! I should record some random game and keep it as like a reserve or something in case this happens again. Also, since I finished ME2, I'll be doing my review on that soon, probably some time this week, so look for that here! But, until tomorrow, here's today's video links (Part 2 is not processed at time of writing, but should be soon)

~Drew (devilwarier9)

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  1. Have a nice day there with your friends man!