Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 - The Return!

Hey guys! I know there's actually a couple of you who read my blog, so first of all I'd like to apologize for being gone for so long. I enjoy writing, but sometimes I get discouraged because I feel like I write poorly, or I just kind of get distracted and forget about the blog since it takes a lot more time than just doing videos.  I really do want to get back into doing these, though, so I can talk about a lot of the stuff that I can't fit into my videos, or I just don't think about while recording. I don't know how much I'll write today, but I plan for the format of these to go back to the way it was before after this post, a paragraph or two of something interesting, followed by video links and any information that may pertain to YouTube (i.e. whether I record or not, new series's, no-video days, etc.).

Today the main things I want to say are that I'm back, and I hope you guys are enjoying Minecraft Hardcore so far. I've been getting some good feedback, and plan on recording life 3 this afternoon. I have some ideas on how to possibly make it a little more interesting or exciting, but I'll talk about those in the life 3 videos. They should go up probably the 4th (tomorrow at time of writing) as long as I do actually get them recorded. Mass Effect 2 is slowing down a lot as some may have noticed, but I still will finish it, viewers or not, as I still need to play through it to get my evil character ready for Mass Effect 3, and maybe in the future people will go back and watch it, and I want it to be completed.

I also have been upgrading most of my computer peripherals over the last couple weeks (monitors, keyboard, mouse, headset), although the headset was in January. I tried to make a video showing some stuff off yesterday, and after 2 failed recordings of YouTube messing things up, I decided to get a proper webcam recorder, and then I got busy and had no time to do the video. I'll do that today as well, probably before Minecraft life 3.

This turned out pretty long, which is to be expected after 2 weeks off I guess, but I'm going to publish it now, even though it's only 1pm, but I don't really want to be tempted to add to it, because it doesn't need to be any longer. So, hopefully I will talk to you tomorrow.

~Drew (devilwarier9)