Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 - Words

How are you today, Internet? Because I am just swell. Had a long and unproductive day as usual, and enjoyed it. I apologize for not writing anything yesterday, as I had a calculus test and didn't get home until 10:00pm and was too tired to write coherent sentences.  I don't really have any funny or interesting stories today, as I never even left my house today.  So, as per usual, I will just keep saying nothing until I feel that I have written enough words.

In YouTube news, I did some recording today and finished Mass Effect 1. The videos will go up over the next 3 days with the last ones going up on the 5th, the day before ME3 comes out. Now, I realize this means I will have 0 days to do ME2; however, I realized a while ago that I would have no chance of finishing this project at the rate I put out videos. I will still be doing ME2 before ME3; however, I may play ME3 off camera on my good character while playing ME2 on camera on my evil character, so it will most likely be my second run when you see me doing ME3, so, sorry if you like blind LP's.  I'm posting the first video of tonight's session now, but it won't be up for about another hour, so check back soon!

~Drew (devilwarier9)

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